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Be a part of a growing family

Ferrero has always been guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of a small family business. Our values have helped us achieve great success. We apply these same values to our rapidly growing global business today.

When you join Ferrero, you will have the opportunity to build on tradition while applying constant innovation to help strengthen our business for the future.

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Ferrero Thinking

Always evolving, always Ferrero

As our business continues to grow globally, it’s important that one thing remains unchanged: our values. The same values that have helped us achieve an 11% share of the worldwide chocolate confectionary market, with a turnover of 8.4 billion Euros in 2014. In staying true to our beliefs, we are able to create a culture for even greater success.

Loyalty and Trust

We have always believed that outstanding quality is the best guarantee of success. Our passion for perfection and commitment to satisfying consumers’ needs has helped strengthen the trust they have in our products and created the long-lasting relationship that we enjoy with them.  

Respect and Responsibility

We support the protection of human dignity and the respect of human rights. We endorse professional and personal development, and wherever we operate, we strive to minimize our environmental impact in all its forms.

Integrity and Sobriety

Our consumer communications are based on the proper use of our products and inspired by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Our advocacy practices are based on scientific knowledge and are always inspired by intellectual and behavioral integrity.

Passion for research and innovation

Through innovative research and production processes, we strive to create unique, quality products, carefully developed in terms of their nutritional value and portioning, so that they can be integrated into a balanced diet.

Work. Create. Donate

We identify ourselves with the motto, ‘Work. Create. Donate’, conceived and introduced by Michele Ferrero from the very beginning of his business pursuits and reflecting in the Ferrero Foundation . In essence, we favor the ‘ethics of doing’ over the ‘practice of appearing’.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is designed to help reduce any uncertainties with regards to behavior, as well as give everyone who works with our company an understanding of our underlying values.

Why join?

A rewarding career with global opportunities.

Ferrero has come a long way since Pietro and Piera’s small bakery in Alba. Today we are a global organization that welcomes a diverse range of talented new people into our extended family.

Our continued growth in new markets presents exciting challenges, alongside significant opportunities for career development.

As part of our team, you will be offered attractive benefits and performance-related rewards. Rewards and benefits

Ferrero’s Learning Lab means that, wherever you join us, you will have access to world-class training opportunities, including:

Welcome to Ferrero

At Ferrero, we are proud of our distinctive culture, so we make sure that everyone who joins us has the opportunity to learn about what makes us so special – and so successful.

Ferrero Leaders

We want our business to be guided by outstanding leaders. At Ferrero, we offer unique global leadership training that supports you in the development of the skills you need to help Ferrero thrive now, as well as the entrepreneurial skills you will need to help secure our future.

Ferrero Know-how Academies

Since our foundation, we have built up a wealth of experience and insight as a business, and we want our people to benefit from this organizational wisdom, in order to forge more successful careers. That is the purpose of our global Know-how Academies.

Ferrero local training

We also deliver a wide range of training and development in each local market to help ensure you have the tools and opportunities you need to learn and grow.

Graduate schemes

Our schemes

In 2013, Ferrero India launched a Graduate Trainee Program for students enrolled with the Think-Link institute in association with the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

During this six-month course, graduates interested in Logistic & Transport have the opportunity to work on key projects under the continuous supervision of mentors within the department.

Selection criteria

Bachelor students who have successfully graduated in disciplines such as Supply Chain, Legal, Packaging Development and Food Technology will be considered.

Application process

Resumes should be submitted after successful completion of the graduation course in the discipline chosen.

Benefits, training and pay

Graduates are offered the same competitive benefits and pay as full-time Ferrero employees. Their training is primarily on the job, learning new skills and competencies in analytics and marketing program development. Housing and transportation is not provided.


Our internships

We have partnered with local institutes in Pune including the Balaji Institute of Management Studies and MISB Bocconi, Mumbai to offer students an 8 week internship, designed to help them develop a clear understanding of Ferrero values and culture.

Selection criteria

We look for people, not just skills. We invest heavily in our interns and apprentices, recruiting from universities, business schools, engineering schools and food science programs.

Application process

The program is open to students pursuing their post-graduate studies. We invite applications during summer and winter internship placements.

Benefits, training and pay

Internships are paid, however benefits are not available. Training is on the job and hands-on. Housing and transportation are not provided.

Our success stories

Students from these colleges who have performed well during their internships have been offered exciting career opportunities within Ferrero.

Ferrero facts

Interesting facts about Ferrero